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HTC 8X Is Getting The Windows Phone 8 GDR2 Update

HTC 8X is getting the Windows Phone 8 GDR2 update as I write this. A while ago, Daniel Rubino pointed this out, and sure enough, the update showed up on my phone as well. I’m downloading it as I write this. The Windows Phone 8 GDR2 OS update brings a host of features (and some […]

Samsung Cronus WP8 Revealed By Official Samsung Mobile Care App

Surprise surprise. Samsung is probably working on a brand new, totally different Windows Phone. Crazy, and weird, I know. But if this official app listing in the Windows Phone Store is anything to go by, we’re looking at what could be Samsung Ativ Cronus. Or maybe just Samsung Cronus, but the ‘Ativ’ brand is being […]