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After Samsung’s Tizen, Nokia’s HERE Maps To Feature On Jolla Smartphones

After closing a deal with Samsung, Nokia and Jolla have agreed to feature the former’s HERE Maps on Jolla smartphones. Jolla, started by ex-Nokians who were working on Nokia and Intel’s MeeGo operating system, has shown off its OS and device(s), and was accepting pre-orders for its first device not long ago. The Finnish company, […]

Nokia Here Transit, Here Drive And Here Drive+ Are Here For All Windows Phone 8 Devices, Come At A Price

Earlier today, Nokia announced the availability of its suite of location services for all Windows Phone 8 devices apart from the basic mapping experience. The Nokia Here Apps availability and details are mentioned below. I’ve segregated them properly, so you know what each one of them really is, if you too got confused like me. […]

Nokia Brings Here Maps To The Asha Platform On Nokia Asha 501

Nokia had launched a cute little phone the other day, called the Asha 501. It is a smarter Asha phone, coming with multitasking capabilities. It’s got nice little tricks under its belt, one of which is the Swipe UI, trickling down from the Nokia N9. Nokia had promised this would be done, and so it […]

Nokia HERE Maps For Windows Phone 8 Gets An Update, Amber-running Lumias Get Delta Maps Updates

Remember Windows Phone 8 devices come with Nokia HERE Maps, minus some extras that the Lumias have, of course. Nokia’s pushing out an update to the maps data, which will be handled by the maps app itself, per usual. The update will be handled even better on the Nokia Lumia 925, and other Lumias beginning […]