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Foursquare Swarm App Makes It To Google Play, Wants You To Help Hang Out With Friends

Checking in to places on Foursquare seemed like a chore to me right when I first tried the service. You reach a place, and the first thing that you’re supposed to do is “check-in” on Foursquare just so you get random internet points, and to show off to your friends that you are an interesting […]

Foursquare Releases A Gorgeous App For Windows 8

Foursquare, the most popular location-sharing site, has just launched a Windows 8 app. Absolutely gorgeous to boot, the app uses the Metro UI very nicely. Better yet, you don’t need to have a Foursquare account to get suggestions. As soon as I first opened it, I was greeted with a dozen suggestions in the form […]