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Moto X 2nd Gen Review

In the August of 2013, Motorola reinvented itself with the original Moto X. Their first phone after Google took them over, the Moto X did many things right. Instead of trying to change the part of Android that wasn’t broken in the first place, they kept the stock interface and added really useful features like […]

Nokia Lumia 625 Review: Bundles Of Virtual Swag

The Nokia Lumia 625 is the largest-screened Nokia device in the Windows Phone range. It comes with hopes that a big display, loads of bundled goodies and the smooth, smart Metro UI of Windows Phone will lure buyers. Does it manage to lure me back to Windows Phone? Let’s find out. A successor to the […]

Duolingo : Fun, Free Way to Learn Languages On-The-Go

It has been about 10 years since i hold certification of completing two levels in Spanish¬†language course, although I couldn’t complete the last level due to several reasons. It’s been so long that now i don’t even remember most of the grammar, words i had learned back then, one of the main reasons being limited¬†interactions, […]