Duolingo : Fun, Free Way to Learn Languages On-The-Go

It has been about 10 years since i hold certification of completing two levels in Spanish language course, although I couldn’t complete the last level due to several reasons. It’s been so long that now i don’t even remember most of the grammar, words i had learned back then, one of the main reasons being limited interactions, finding Spanish-speaking people. Reading books was never me, I’ve always grasped quickly in an interactive session whether it maybe an online course or in person. I’m very excited on finding one such service Duolingo – ‘Free language education for the world’ which has made its entry into Android, now i can learn whenever and wherever, on-the-go.

Duolingo offers quality learning in a free and game like environment where the user gets to learn the choice of language and as well translate documents from around the world. Strengthens the command over language by guiding the user through a series of lessons, translating a passage, type a sentence from a recorded voice, multiple choice answers,  set of given words where the user has to form and complete  a sentence.

Duolingo offers courses in Spanish, English, French, German, Portuguese, Italian. Here’s how it works; Create an account or login with Gmail/Facebook for leader-boards, choose a language and a skill tree is displayed for your profile.

The Duolingo exercises don’t take much time to complete – for every skill set there are 4 lessons and each lessons have a set of question with 3 to 4 hearts or lives, for every wrong answer you lose a heart and if you lose all heart you fail that lesson and will have to try again. Sounds annoying but at least there are no negative markings, the goal here is to make you learn your mistakes and strengthen your grammar skills.

You must be wondering what makes Duolingo go free, well like i mentioned earlier you as a user also translates various submitted documents, excerpts from newspapers, books, and so on. They even allow you to contribute to users’ learning / translation by uploading your own documents. Every document which gets properly translated from many users based on their skill level, the developers get paid accordingly and this way you get to use the service for free.

Duolingo has been available for only web and mobile devices, however after yesterday’s update the service is now updated with a pretty slick interface which is now available to tablet owners as well.

Conclusion: I have been using this app since the new update and have been addicted to the learning process and of course it’s fun. In just 30 minutes I’ve brushed up on the forgotten grammar and phrases, I’m very happy i chose Duolingo and will continue learning Spanish as well as other languages.  I hope the developers will add more languages in the coming days.

Duolingo: Sprachkurse umsonst
Duolingo: Sprachkurse umsonst
Developer: Duolingo
Price: Free+