DuoLingo 2.0 Goes Slim, Gets Polished UI

The free language-learning app DuoLingo has been popular amongst the language learners lately. Considering the large user-base the developers of the app DuoLingo have given it a big overhaul in terms of the UI, a redesign which was long overdue. The redesign here reflects on some improvements in the end of  lessons and skill progress screens.

The DuoLingo app now displays a day-by-day skill progression of the language learner making it easier to track his language skill. The developers have managed to slim down the app install size to a mere 4.8mB making it more data friendly which imo is due to the complete redesign of the UI.

Duolingo: Sprachkurse umsonst
Duolingo: Sprachkurse umsonst
Developer: Duolingo
Price: Free+