WhatsApp Gets End-to-end Encryption

WhatsApp has implemented end-to-end encryption of chats in its app, in partnership with the makers of TextSecure, Open WhisperSystems. The company, now owned by Facebook, has already added this in the latest version of its Android app, and other platforms are going to get it soon, in a staggered manner.

WhatsApp End-to-end encryption

According to Open WhisperSystems, who announced this piece of information today, they’ve been working on implementing this security feature for 6 months now, and about a billion-plus encrypted messages are being sent daily. That’s amazing, and note that they haven’t implemented this in Group chats or media yet.

WhatsApp is huge in Europe and Asia, and this news only makes it that much more better. In a market flooded by “Instant messengers” which have all sorts of features – stickers, video calling, newsfeeds and games, WhatsApp still remains the purest of them all. It’s gotten even better now.