WhatsApp For Windows Phone Receives An Update, Makes It Faster

WhatsApp for Windows Phone has mostly been an unusable piece of software, and whether it’s an issue with the OS, or the app itself, is not clear. However, the devs have been working around this issue, and they’ve pushed out an update today.

WhatsApp for Windows Phone

The update apparently speeds up the app, and it’s true. The app now opens up pretty fast, even after a reboot. I haven’t yet looked at the notifications, but they should be improved as well.

Conversations open faster than before, and it’s almost on par with Android in this regard.

I tried Fast Resume as well, and sure enough, I never saw ‘Resuming..’ which was ever so often visible on the previous version. We don’t quite have a changelog yet, but after playing around with the app, I think it’s only bug fixes and performance improvements.

Either way, a good update.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁