How To: Use An Indian Bank’s Debit Card To Buy Apps From Google Play Store In India

This has been a really, really annoying issue for Indian users – you can’t buy apps from Google Play store if you have a debit card. Only credit cards worked the last time I checked, and most of us don’t have access to one. Many of us have debit cards though, and the last time I tried, I was told only ICICI Bank’s card worked. Axis Bank, another popular bank in India, was working, but then the change to INR from USD on the Play Store rendered Axis Bank’s cards useless for purchases.

Google Wallet

There’s a possibility of using a virtual credit card, loading it up and then using it for payments, but that’s far from ideal, and there are charges levied on top of that from the VCC provider.

So, if you are one of those guys/girls who have a debit card, but can’t use it to pay for content on Google Play, here’s your solution: (Note that I’ve only tried this with Axis Bank’s debit card, but it should hopefully work with other banks’ cards too. You’ll need at least a VISA or a Master Card. VISA Electron and Master Card Maestro don’t seem to work as of now, so keep that in mind.).

Thanks to a tip from my friend on Twitter, @joogasama, I was finally able to add my debit card to Google Wallet. You can, too. Just follow one simple step, and you’re good to go.

  • Go to
  • Select Payment Methods, click on Add a Payment Method. Select “Add a debit or credit card”
  • Before you enter your card details, you’ll have to look up a US address and a US phone number to enter. I advise fakenamegenerator dot com. Note that we only need a US address and a phone number. If you have them both, go ahead and enter them right away. If you don’t, however, fakenamegenerator can be helpful.
  • Once you’ve got an address and a phone number, enter your name in the Billing Address section on, the US address and the US phone number.
  • Now enter your card details. Google will charge Re. 1 for the purpose of verification of the card, if you’re successful. After your card has been saved, you can go back and edit your Billing Address, including your phone number to the Indian ones. This won’t affect the card authorisation now, so you’re safe once you’ve added the card onto Google Wallet. (Update) Don’t change the Billing Address to your Indian address. My card was declined earlier in the day, but changing the address back to the US one enabled it again.

That is it. Enjoy legit apps from Google Play!

Note: You’ll probably be charged for apps at US rates, so you may not always pay the same price as it shows in the Play Store, which will be showing you the Indian rates.