Samsung Introduces Galaxy NX Mirrorless Camera With Android 4.2 and LTE Connectivity

At an event held in London today Samsung unveiled the Galaxy NX mirrorless camera. It is one of its kind interchangeable lens camera running Android 4.2.2 and is WiFi + LTE enabled. The whole thing is powered by a 1.6GHz quad-core processor.


Looking at the Galaxy NX from Android perspective, it is simply a great device – quad core processor, 2GB of RAM, 720p screen etc. From the perspective of a buyer out in the market for mirrorless camera, it packs decent specs. To make things simple here is a specs comparison between Galaxy NX and Sony NEX 7 ( a very good camera priced around USD 1000)



Talking about lens ecosystem, Samsung currently has 13 lens for NX series. A decent number compared to Sony’s total of 15 E-mount lenses. Compared to DSLRs, this however is a very tiny number.

Is An Android Mirrorless Camera a Good Idea?

Definitely yes! Mirrorless cameras aren’t supposed to replace DSLRs. They are for people who want to take great pictures without ruining their vacations with a huge load of camera bag filled with flashes, lenses and other accessories. Hence there are many scenarios where such smart cameras can be very useful. Android provides option to quickly share photos to social networks without the hassle of using copying photos to laptops/tablets etc. Quite a few android apps are capable of some basic editing, cropping etc… such things are usually not possible on “non-smart cameras” An android powered camera

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is also a great tool for journalists and bloggers who want to quickly upload pictures or videos from events without using multiple gadgets.

Talking about the Galaxy NX in particular, its success or failure will entirely depend on how good is the image quality. It is expected to go on sale this fall. There is no word on price from Samsung yet. Personally I would like to see more cameras running Android from mainstream camera manufacturers like Sony, Nikon and Canon.