Nokia Refocus Camera Lens Will Let You Re(De)focus Your Photos, Available Now

Announced at the Nokia World held earlier in the year, the Nokia Refocus camera lens is now available for Nokia’s Lumia phones, exclusively.

Nokia Refocus

The Refocus app captures anywhere between 2 to 8 images, 5 MP each and stores them in the form of one image. Depending on where you want to focus, the app will try to do as you say (tap) if it is one of the focus points in the number of images it has captured. What you get is different focus points out of single scene. It’s really interesting, but you will need to capture images in proper lighting conditions. The app won’t trigger flash – there’s no way for you to turn the flash on, either. That is one of the gripes I’ve always had with another of Nokia’s camera lens, the Smart camera.

Nokia’s created a separate mini-site to see what the Refocus app is capable of – it’s been live ever since the announcement, and it seemed quite impressive.

Grab the app from below. You’ll need a Nokia Lumia 920, 925/928, or the Lumia 1020, all running the Nokia Amber update. The Lumia 1520 is supported as well, but that is when it is released in the markets.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁