Nokia Normandy Leaks In 6 Different Colours, Runs A Custom Version Of Android

Nokia Normandy Android

Nokia Normandy has not been the best-kept secret of late – there have a good few leaks out of China, and this time, it’s back to @evleaks to reveal more. They’ve scooped up a press image of the first ever Nokia phone running Android, and it comes in colours. Half a dozen of them, and they look as pretty as Nokia’s other polycarbonate-dressed siblings running Windows Phone.

Till date, we’ve seen some random specs information, and a couple of images of the phone with the Nokia bootscreen and a live image of the UI/homescreen. There’s also another image out in the wild from a prototype tester (mhm, the things I’d do to sign up for one of these positions), but insofar, this is the first time we’re seeing the device in all its colours.

Which one do you prefer? Are you excited about the prospect of a Nokia phone running Android? If this is the trailer to an array of Android devices from the company, I could be excited a little bit.