Nokia Here Transit, Here Drive And Here Drive+ Are Here For All Windows Phone 8 Devices, Come At A Price

Earlier today, Nokia announced the availability of its suite of location services for all Windows Phone 8 devices apart from the basic mapping experience. The Nokia Here Apps availability and details are mentioned below. I’ve segregated them properly, so you know what each one of them really is, if you too got confused like me.

Moving on, there are three (or four, depending

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on the way you see it) apps we’re talking about here. Here Drive, Here Drive+ and Here Transit. Nokia Here Maps are available for free for all Windows Phone 8 devices. They come preinstalled on the Lumias, and can be downloaded for free from the Windows Phone Store on other WP8s.

Talking about the other important bits:

Here Maps: self-explanatory. Also, you get to download maps data for offline navigation. If you cannot understand, I’m quoting the app’s description from the WP Store page.

Nokia Here Maps

No matter where you are, HERE Maps will show you the smartest way to get where you need to go, thanks to turn-by-turn walking navigation and maps you can download to your phone. The new LiveSight view gives you a more natural way to check out the world around you. Instead of relying on pins on a map, you can really see what you’re looking for in your phone’s camera display.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Here Transit: If you want to know the schedules and information on how to reach from one particular point to another, you’re going to want to use this.

Nokia Here Transit

HERE Transit makes it easier for you to get anywhere by bus, train, underground and more. Quickly compare routes, departure and arrival times, and even see how far you need to walk to and from stations and stops. With transport info available for over 720 cities, this is the only public transport app you’ll ever need.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Here Drive: Things get convoluted here. You’re going to want to use this when you are driving yourself. You’re not going to want to use it when you are using a bus, train or any other means of public transport. Drive = private transport. Transit = public transport.

Nokia Here Drive

HERE Drive Beta with voice-guided driving navigation helps you reach your destination safely and reliably. What’s more, its true offline capability means you’re never lost – even if you don’t have a data connection.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Here Drive+: You get global navigation with this app.

I couldn’t get the link to Here Drive+ yet, I’ll update this story when I have it.

Below is an explanatory chart from Nokia, explaining what all apps are free, and in which countries, and which ones are to be paid for.

Nokia Here Apps Availability

Click on the image for a bigger version

PS: The updates will finish rolling out over the week, so hang in there if you don’t see them yet.

via Nokia