Nokia Brings Here Maps To The Asha Platform On Nokia Asha 501

Nokia Asha 501 Here Maps

Nokia had launched a cute little phone the other day, called the Asha 501. It is a smarter Asha phone, coming with multitasking capabilities. It’s got nice little tricks under its belt, one of which is the Swipe UI, trickling down from the Nokia N9. Nokia had promised this would be done, and so it has been.

Nokia Asha 501

Surprisingly, the Asha 501 has today received Here Maps support, a day after it went on sale. The Asha 501 doesn’t come with GPS built in to it, but the Here Maps app will still be able to give you walk/drive directions.

The app is available on the Nokia Store for the Asha 501 only. The other Asha devices, like the Asha 301, for example, won’t get it. However, newer Ashas to be launched in the future will run on the new Asha Platform, and they’ll get it as and when they launch.

Grab it from the Nokia Store, if you already have the device.