Nexus 5 Root Achieved, Courtesy Chainfire

Chainfire is one of the well known developers on XDA and elsewhere in the Android community. His exploits are quick and stable, and demonstrating his skills yet again, the crazy developer has managed to root the shiny new Nexus 5 already.

Google Nexus 5 root

To root your (if you’re lucky enough to already have one), you’ll have to just download a ZIP from the XDA thread, boot into the fastboot mode (Power off, then hold the Power, Volume UP and DOWN buttons together until it vibrates), connect the device to the PC via USB and run a bat file (if on Windows). Here are the respective instructions for

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Windows, Linux and Mac.

— Run root-windows.bat

— chmod +x
— Run

Mac OS X
— chmod +x
— Run

All data will be wiped from your device (assuming the bootloader is still locked), so better back it all up before you venture into the badlands of rooting.

via XDA-Developers