Motorola Releases First Moto X Ad, Personalizing The Phone Design Is The Key

We’ve known about this for ages, but Motorola has finally released the first Moto X ad, pointing out the fact that you can personalize it – only design or even specs, we don’t know yet. But there’s going to be a certainly greater degree of personalization compared to the other phones and brands at the moment.

Motorola Moto X first ad

Motorola is hyping it up quite a lot, but from leaks, it’s supposed to be a mid-range smartphone, and will go by the name Moto X, or so it seems. It could just be Motorola X for all we know. A 720p display, a dual core processor and a 10 MP camera – that slots it between the mid mid-range and the lower mid-range, going by today’s standards.

Motorola is also playing the patriotic game. The brand message for the Moto X, at the moment, is “Designed by you. Assembled in the USA.”.

I don’t know about you, but I want to see what personalization levels are we talking about here.