Microsoft Wants HTC To Dual-boot Windows Phone And Android On Its Phones

According to a new report, Microsoft apparently wants(/ed) HTC to come up with phones that can dual boot Android and Windows Phone.

HTC, which is reeling from the onslaught from Samsung since 2011, has long been a Microsoft partner, launching phones running Windows Mobile. They have been making Windows Phones too, but lack the marketing and hype that Nokia brought to the table, and thereby, the sales.

HTC Windows Phone Android 8S

However, Microsoft doesn’t seem to want to give up on them just yet. Terry Myerson, Microsoft’s head of the Operating Systems unit, approached HTC with a few options, which included dual-booting Android and Windows Phone, or selected one of the OSs as default and booting into the other whenever the user wants to. A lot like the PCs.

To this end, Microsoft has reportedly offered concessions in the license fee, even going to the length of eliminating it completely, to make it more attractive for HTC.

I can certainly see the appeal in a phone that dual-boots Android and Windows Phone.