Leaked System Dump From Sony “Honami” Reveals New UI, Confirms 20MP Camera, 4K Video And OIS

Xperia Blog managed to get their hands on a system dump that comes from Son’y next flagship codenamed Honami. The  build.prop revealed some interesting specs like a 20 megapixel camera (5248 x 3936) and 4K video recording (4000*2000). The build.prop also mentions SteadyShot mode which is Sony’s propriety Optical Image Stabilization technology found in Sony SLT cameras. Maximum ISO has been bumped upto 12800 which is interesting because I have used a few Sony cameras that couple high ISO with basic oversampling to produce low resolution (3-5MP) low light shots. Looks like Sony is pretty serious about the camera performance of Honami.

Other interesting bits include “Music Unlimited” subscription service integrated into Walkman player, an augmented reality app and a completely revamped UI.

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