HTC Talks Metal And Metal-man, Signs Up Robert Downey Jr.

There’s been lots of talk about metal, and everything non-plastic from HTC post the launch of the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4. In continuation of the said thing, the Taiwanese company has signed up Robert Downey Jr. for a two year $12 Million marketing campaign.

HTC Robert Downey Jr

The HTC One has been very positively received by many, and with the not-as-expected response to the Galaxy S4, it could be a comeback chance for HTC, which has lost its position as the top-dog in the Android world to an also-ran currently. Samsung is wiping the profits mostly, with other players either losing money or just scraping through.

I am not quite sure if this partnership

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with Robert Downey Jr. will do HTC any good, but at least their choice this time around is better than hiring no-names and making lame TVCs. The best part? Downey will reserve the control over the creative bits, and his role spreads from television commercials to billboards to print ads.

I don’t know what they’re going to do, but as a Downey Jr. fan, I am curious about the execution part.

PS: It’s not been announced officially, yet, but it’s as good as it could be unofficially.