Google Play Services launching in China in 2016, according to Lenovo

Google Play Services haven’t been available in China for a long time now, but that may soon be changing. According to Lenovo’s Mobile head Chen Xudong, Google is gearing up to launch its Play services in China in 2016.

Google Play Services China

Android users in China have had to live with a very fragmented experience so far. Every phone maker bundles multiple third-party app stores, and there’s no proper quality control and security vetting. Due to problems with the Chinese government, Google services have not been available across the board. While the Play Store can be accessed on phones sold in China, paid content is unavailable.

Chen Xudong refrained from revealing more information about this, but this is backed up by rumours. Reports from as back as September 2015 have hinted at Google¬†making its Play Services available in China, subject to the censorship laws in place in the country. Apparently, Google is now willing to comply with the Chinese government’s censorship laws to gain access to millions of Android users in the country. China is the biggest smartphone market in the world, so it’s understandable why Google would go back on its principles in this instance.