[App] ZIPme Is The Zipper You Want On Your Phone

If you’re into all the rooting/flashing custom ROMs thing, you’ll know that you can flash compatible zip files using a custom recovery (in some cases, even stock recoveries work). They can be anything, from an app to a ROM to a mod.

ZIPme for Android

Sometimes, though, you end up with having to flash images and the likes in the bootloader/fastboot mode. You can create flashable zips out of those, but you need some knowledge about all this. I finally discovered that there’s an app for that, too.

ZIPme will let you create flashable zips out of any file you throw at it. Boot animations (animation files are always .zip, but they’re not flashable), an app’s .apk, apps along with their data, account information, SMSs, call logs, anything you can have the need of, ZIPme will let you create a flashable zip out of it.

The app requires root (redundant, but it’s never enough to stress important points over and over again), is in beta and is capable to cause the next imaginary World War, and now you know.

Head over to the Play store to download ZIPme and let us know what you do with it, and if it works/doesn’t work for you, we’ll be happy to help.

Developer: JRummy Apps
Price: Free+