52% Of Windows Phone Users Use Bing Instead Of Google

Here’s an encouraging number for Microsoft, and something that should seem to them as a vindication of their decision to shove the Search button on every Windows Phone out there – 52% of Windows Phone users use (or hit accidentally) Bing search instead of Google search.

The number comes from Kantar, known for providing

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insights into the telecom industry.

Nokia Lumia 625

Google pretty much is the de-facto standard when it comes to search, as we all know. “Why don’t you just Google it?” is an oft-heard comment when someone needs to find out something.

And as my friend points it out nicely, 52% of 3.6% of smartphone users (3.6-4% is Windows Phone’s share in the smartphone market), which are more than a billion now, is a very, very good number.

It’s fairly easy to twist the news, you see.