1Password for Android Updated to Bring It to 2014 from 2011

I finally feel better now that I can say it – after months of testing, bug squashing and polishing, 1Password for Android has finally been released on the Google Play store.

1Password for Android

1Password is a password manager, allowing you to create strong passwords, and remembering them for you for future access. The biggest benefit to me is the desktop sync – I can have all the passwords with me on my phone, or on the desktop. All of this data is locked with a single Master password, so you only have to remember just one password.

You can also choose to have it sync with your Dropbox account for easy backups and restores, or have it sync to a local database. Having used it for months now, it’s definitely a service I can recommend.

It’s currently free for a couple of months – until August 1st, to be precise, allowing you to use all of the premium features like adding passwords, cards, bank accounts and the likes, for free.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁