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Motorola’s Next Flagship “Moto X” Featured in a Leaked Rogers Video

Amongst several rumors and leaks, Motorola’s next flagship Moto X has shown up in a Canadian carrier Rogers exclusive video highlighting several features of the device. It is also revealed that the Moto X will be launched in August available Good a product more causes and wax night stress love “click here” […]

LG’s Next Android flagship ‘Optimus G2’ in Leaked Photos and Video

With only a month away from LG’s release of the rumored Optimus G successor we finally know how the device will look like now. According to an Engadget exclusive the device is reportedly known to be Optimus G2 with design similarities of Nexus4 ‘s rounded corners. The Optimus G2 comes with 5.2 inch 1080p bezeled edge-to-edge display, […]

Google Retires Latitude, Offline Caching, Improves Google Maps and Brings Support to Tablets

Google on the road to perfection has announced the new version of Google Maps with tailored map experience highlighting things that relates to everything you search, discovering new places wherever you go. Google Maps is rolling out updates globally in Google Play and will be available to Android smartphones and tablets. The highlights of the […]

[Now With More Images] Nokia Asha 501 In Images

The Nokia Asha 501 becomes the first device of next generation of affordable smartphones from Nokia, coming in some snazzy new colors, great build quality, touchscreen interface, and running on the Asha Platform. The gorgeous Nokia Asha 501 comes in snazzy Cyan, Red, Yellow, Black … oh and there’s a Green and a White one too. Here’s a […]

Duolingo : Fun, Free Way to Learn Languages On-The-Go

It has been about 10 years since i hold certification of completing two levels in Spanish language course, although I couldn’t complete the last level due to several reasons. It’s been so long that now i don’t even remember most of the grammar, words i had learned back then, one of the main reasons being limited interactions, […]

Spruce up your Android phone with AWESOME Custom Boot Animations

While browsing through XDA-Developers forums for something new to do with my Android phone, i came across a thread by the user raishiro. With compilation of 56 finest GIFs created by artist Paolo Čerić the XDA user has turned them into Custom Boot Animation which can be used with any rooted Android devices. There are 25 more variants making […]